Optimized for business users who require maximum up bandwidth up and down

T1 is an enterprise-level internet service which provides 1.5 Mbps to 9.0 Mbps upload and download speed (depending on the service ordered). It does not lose speed based on distance from a Central Office (CO) like ADSL and it does not utilize your existing phone line. T1 can be installed at locations that ADSL or SDSL cannot reach. If reliability of your internet connection is crucial to your business and you need to ensure maximum bandwidth up and down, T1 is a great choice.

This service can be bundled with Colocation Services to create a private LAN connection to provide a secure offsite backup link between customer office and In2net Network's data center.

T1 Features:

1.5 Mbps to 9.0 Mbps symmetrical internet connection
Includes CPE, local loop, bandwidth and unlimited usage, with no extra charges
Up to 16 static IP addresses
24/7 round-the-clock network monitoring, health check and support
99.99% network uptime guarantee
1.5 Mbps / 3.0 Mbps / 6.0 Mbps / 9.0 Mbps
Pricing for this service depends on your location and service options, and starts at $750/month. Contact us today to check availability and get your custom quote.
** Speeds in all plans are "up to" and downstream/upstream speed is not guaranteed.
*** Static IP Addresses must be requested via DHCP. In2net does not support hard coded IP addresses.

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